Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions O2 Health Lab and our services. If you cannot find an answer to your questions here please get in contact via the contact page.


What is the difference between mild or soft and medical grade hard HBOT chambers?
AT O2 Health Lab, our first concern is “do no harm”. Our next, is to ensure maximum benefit for our patients. Soft, or Portable Hyperbaric chambers do neither. Selling Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy using a Soft Chamber can be Bait and Switch We want our patients to be treated safely and properly, with expectations that their treatment is backed up by Medical Science and hundreds of Medical Studies.

Virtually all Medical Studies supporting the use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy are conducted using Hard-shell Hyperbaric Chambers and DO NOT APPLY to Inflatable Soft Chambers Soft Chambers DO NOT PROVIDE THE SAME BENEFITS as Medical Grade Hard Chambers.
Does O2 offer Consultations?
Yes we do, and they are absolutely Free. Our Hyperbaric Expert Mark Westaway has over 40 years of experience and has treated over 30,000 clients in his career. He loves personally meeting with you and understanding your background and needs.

Please call us at 949-541-2000 to schedule a FREE Consultation and tour of O2 Health Lab.
What is the HBOT Pricing?
The pricing can vary greatly depending on the number of sessions, bundling of therapies and packages offered. Please schedule up a time for a FREE Consultation to let us know your wellness goal, challenges or condition being treated and we can provide options for consideration.
What form of Payments does O2 Accept?
We accept cash or credit card. O2 does not offer any payment plans.
Does O2 offer Payment Plans?
Unfortunately, we do not offer any payment plans.
Does O2 take Insurance?
Unfortunately, insurance does not cover any of the services offered by O2 Health Lab.

HBOT Medical Facilities treating FDA Approved Conditions may take insurance, but all patients must be pre-approved.

These facilities can charge from $850 a session to up to $2500 a session. We price our sessions at about one tenth that cost – many times less than an insurance co-pay if and when covered.
Does O2 offer Memberships?
No, O2 does not offer any memberships.
What Days is O2 Open?
O2 Health Lab is open 7 Days a Week. Monday through Saturday 8 am to 6 pm and Sunday 9 am to 5 pm.
How do I schedule my Session(s)?
Please call us at 949-541-2000 to schedule. As the Chamber bookings are continuously updated, we do not offer online booking.
What is the Cancellation Policy?
Please contact us at 949-541-2000 as soon as you know you have to cancel or reschedule. We love to treat you with respect and hope you do the same for us.

As we book clients for a specific time for the chamber, we require 24-hour notice for any cancellation. That allows us to be able to book someone else.

All clients are required to have a credit card on file. The session will be charged (or one of a series will be deducted) if someone No Shows or is a late cancellation.
What kind of HBOT Chambers does O2 Health Lab Offer?
O2 Health Lab only offers FDA Approved Medical Grade Hard Chambers. We have both Sechrist Lay Down Chambers and a HYOX Sit Down Chamber.

For more understanding, click on Learn the difference between Soft/Mild and HBOT Chambers.
Are the HBOT Chambers FDA approved?
Yes, we only offer FDA Approved Medical Grade Hard Chambers. For more understanding on why we have the Chamber we have, click on Learn the difference between Soft/Mild and Medical Grade Hard HBOT Chambers.
What happens inside the HBOT Chamber?
An HBOT Session is considered a “Dive” as the pressure in the chamber increases to simulate that of being approximately 16 to 33 feet under the ocean.

During the first 5 minutes or so, while attaining the right depth (1.5 ATA, 1.8 ATA or 2 ATA), you will need to equalize frequently by yawning, swallowing, or pinching your nose and adding pressure (similar to what you may experience when landing in an airplane). You should never have any pain in your eardrum. Should you experience any pain in the ear, immediately inform the technician and we will decrease the pressure to allow you to equalize – and then continue with the dive.

You will then remain at the specific depth while watching TV or taking a nap. For the final 5 minutes or so, you will come back up and experience some light popping in your ears.
How long is an HBOT session?
They can either be for one hour or 1.5 hours. Occasionally we provide 2 hour sessions for those on a specific physician protocol.
What HBOT Depth of Pressure is Offered?
Depending on the protocol, O2 offers HBOT sessions from 1.5 ATA to 2 ATA.
How many HBOT Sessions will I need?
HBOT is not a single session therapy and we highly discourage the purchase of a single session.

Initially, we recommend a minimum of 5 sessions. For shifts to happen, typically at least 10 sessions are needed. 20 sessions highly beneficial for substantial progress.

Some conditions or protocols may require 40, 80 or more sessions.

Please schedule a FREE Consultation to discuss objectives and we can provide more clear understanding of how many you may need.
What is the most effective way to do a Series of HBOT?
For most conditions, HBOT is most cost-effective and also most effective when sessions are done back-to-back. Typically, 5 days a week with two days off. After 10 sessions (two weeks) it may be OK to decrease to 3 or 4 sessions a week.

There are a few conditions (mostly neurological such as Concussion or TBI) which may start off with 3 a week depending on the prognosis.

It is highly discouraged to buy a series and then only do one or two sessions a week for an extended period. It typically lessens the opportunity for a positive outcome and is not cost-effective.
Is it Beneficial to do HBOT prior to Surgery?
Yes, HBOT has been shown to hyper-saturate the bodies tissue with oxygen, which provides a excellent environment for the surgeon. Also, HBOT has been shown to prevent Reperfusion Injury which is caused by the Surgeon cutting off the blood flow to a specific region.
What do I Wear inside the Chamber?
Wear something comfortable to lay down or sit up depending on the chamber selected. As oxygen does not permeate the skin, we do not fill out chambers with Oxygen, but provide the high dose oxygen via a mask (Air over Oxygen), so no specific clothing is required.
Is Jewelry or Makeup permitted inside the HBOT Chamber?
While it will not affect the therapy, we discourage jewelry as it may get in the way or be lost. We also discourage the use of extensive makeup as petroleum-based products may off-gas inside the chamber.
What if I am Claustrophobic?
We offer a very specific plan for those who may suffer from some level of Claustrophobia. Our staff is specifically trained on how to help you decompress and relax.

First, please come in to check out our clear glass Sechrist Lay Down Chambers – you can see all around you, so it does not appear to be enclosed (like an MRI Machine). We can explain the process and show you how we can help lessen any anxiety.

Second, one of our technicians can sit next to you by the Chamber so you can see them and be in touch with them. Seeing them helps you to relax.

Finally, oxygen also helps to induce a parasympathetic response, which will lessen anxiety as well.
What's the difference between the Sechrist Lay Down and HYOX chambers?
The Sechrist Lay Down Chambers are made of clear plexiglass and can be more comfortable and are recommended for anyone that may suffer from Claustrophobia.

The HYOX Sit Down Chamber is like sitting in a Fighter Jet Cockpit. These can be beneficial for someone having had a recent Surgery or condition that needs to be more upright.
How long do I have to use my Sessions?
It is most beneficial and cost-effective to use sessions over a compressed timeframe. Ultimately, you have one year from the date of purchase to use your sessions.