Quantum Resonance Analysis

Quantum Resonance Analysis

Quantum Resonance Analysis

In just a couple of minutes, the revolutionary Quantum Resonance Analysis will provide a personalized 100 page plus report on the body functions from head to toe to empower a personalized approach to wellness. Use it as an educational guide in determining how to follow up with your physician, implementing a targeted protocol, in meeting your wellness goals and/or to track wellness progress.

  • Track Wellness Goals

  • Identify Potential Health Concerns

  • Educational Guide to the Body’s Performance

  • Implementing Specific Protocols

About Quantum Resonance Analysis

When examining the human body at the smallest cellular levels, ultimately, we find Protons, Neutrons and Electrons – or vibrating energy. Upon further research it has been shown that virtually everything within us is energy and has its own unique resonant frequency signature.

The Quantum Resonance Analysis is Quantum Physics Technology that has been shown to help identify highly specific signatures and then can then be translated into a in-depth Wellness Analysis that can be used for education purposes and/or tracking specific wellness goals.


How long is the analysis?
It takes approximately 3 minutes to complete and then you receive an in-depth 100 plus page report.
How often can I do the analysis?
When tracking progress while doing therapies, it is best to wait a couple of weeks start to see results.

Learn more about Quantum Resonance Analysis

Watch these videos and read some studies to explore more about Quantum Resonance Analysis.

Patient stories

From O2 Health Lab Reviews in Newport Beach, CA
Arline MeadArline Mead ★★★★★ After a large surgery I was told that the hyperbaric chamber would be a great assist in healing. I started with one session and continued with 4more. I’m from out of town and have already made arrangements to continue treatment in SC. The staff was not only professional but so nice and accommodating. I recommend them highly and you will also be as relaxed as can be. Thank you O2 Health Lab.Tristin NeumannTristin Neumann ★★★★★ O2 Health Lab is the absolute best, I love them! I found them after my doctor recommended I do 3 hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions to help with the recovery from a surgery I just had. I first spoke to Marvin on the phone who was super informative and helpful, and he was able to get me in the same day! I ended up buying 5 sessions because they have a good package deal. I was able to do my 5 sessions consecutively at a convenient time each morning— the scheduling process was super easy. Every person I interacted with (Marvin, David, Mohammad, and Kylee) was were all super sweet and helpful. They were very attentive during the entire session, always making sure I was doing good. There was one very minor scheduling overlap and Marvin more than made up for it to me (thank you Marvin!!!) I also know definitively that the sessions have helped with the speed of my recovery, and I have also felt that I’ve had more energy and been able to think more clearly than usual. I absolutely love O2 health lab and will definitely be coming back in the near future 🙂yonnus beckeryonnus becker ★★★★★ Finding O2 Health Lab was a saving grace for me and my family. Not only did my husband, myself and our nine-year-old daughter have debilitating Long Covid but we also had exposure to mold and as a result, a myriad of severe health issues. We spent two years trying every healing modality to get our health back to no avail. Luckily, someone recommended O2 Health Lab. We underwent a series of hyperbaric chambers sessions and couldn’t believe it…. it was the answer we had been looking for! We are finally back to our old selves and actually have even more energy then before our health issues.Thank you O2 Health Lab for helping us get our lives back! And I cannot thank enough, Marvin and the O2 Health Lab crew who met this challenging time in our lives with care and compassion. It made all the difference!Raj SRaj S ★★★★★ I would give 10 out of 10 to this place it has been a very good help to our son who had anoxic brain injury due to near drowning and hyperbaric chamber therapy has worked on our child. He is making tremendous amount improvements. The doctors said that he would be still for rest of his life, but he’s got his motor function back. He got perfect eyesight. He can hear and the doctors are shocked they still don’t believe in hyperbaric treatment because it’s not proven for this kind of injury, but it doesn’t hurt to. All the staff of this place is very respectful . Very clean Excellent service and the owner. John is very nice humble person I highly recommend people to go to this place for our kid and for yourself.Julie Ann GoodeJulie Ann Goode ★★★★★ The O2 staff are friendly, helpful and incredibly knowledgeable. I was interested in hyperbaric oxygen treatments for fatigue and brain fog due to very busy school and work schedules. After several sessions, I am more energetic and able to think and communicate clearly again. Many thanks to the amazing O2 staff!Lisa PapasLisa Papas ★★★★★ I started going to o2 Labs a year ago following Covid using the Hyperbaric Oxygen chambers as a treatment modality. I was always greeted with smiles and care! The facility is clean and exciting! Someone is always there to answer your questions, including Marvin the manager or Mark and John the owners.Since then, the Lab has become a way of life for my family. My daughter has used red light therapy to activate energy levels, and both my 85 year old mother and I enjoy the Pulse machine. She has been in pain tor many years, and overnight that machine brought healing to her body. We are very grateful to them.Recently, I used their quantum cellular machine (which I believe is a bio resonance machine) to predict my overall health having suffered low immunity for a year an a half following Covid. Mark sat with me reviewing the 111 page document analyzing my heart, brain, skeletal, gastrointestinal and every part of my body. I was blown away. This test goes above and beyond the usual one page cbc blood report I usually get from my dr. In addition, I received a treatment that day to realign the cellular vibration of my gallbladder, which had been identified as operating sub par. I was then able to take that information and work with my natural medicine doctor to resolve an issue that has been the root of many more of my medical issues! Grateful! Just did the same for my son yesterday!I am very thankful to have a facility nearby that allows me and my family to be proactive about our health and thankful that they have brought different healing/treatment machines that allow me to supplement my traditional health care.As they say, health is wealth!Erinn SteingoldErinn Steingold ★★★★★ I cannot say enough about O2 health lab.I had never been in a hyperbaric chamber before .I had some skin resurfacing done and was told it would help me heal.I made the appointment and was greeted with so much warmth .The entire team knows you by name.The chamber exceeded all of my expectations .I literally couldn’t wait to go in there daily.The benefits from hyperbaric chambers is unbelievableI started researching the benefits and now I have made it a part of my routineO2 health lab has so many therapies for well being.The facility is beautiful clean and amazingIf I could give 100 stars I would .Carly SegalCarly Segal ★★★★★ I recently suffered from a concussion after fainting and hitting my head. I was experiencing post concussion symptoms with brain fatigue as well as light, noise and screen sensitivity. I decided to try the hyperbaric oxygen chamber for the first time at O2. I instantly felt at ease when I entered the chamber. The staff here made me feel very safe and calm, and I truly felt like I was in the best hands. After this first experience I knew I would be coming back, and I booked a week straight of back to back sessions. After my sessions concluded I noticed big differences in my energy levels and cognitive abilities. I'd highly recommend the hyperbaric and O2 to anyone in need of healing as there were many benefits to this therapy.john gardnerjohn gardner ★★★★★ O2 Health Lab is the Fountain of Youth! I came here suffering from decades of overwork and high stress. I was exhausted, constantly sick and had crippling brain fog. I run several small businesses and perform at a very high level, usually 7 days a week. Just entering in my passwords to log in to my bank account seemed like an exhausting task. I'd lay on the floor of my office for hours a day, for months. I started doing hyperbaric sessions at O2 and about 7 sessions in it was like a switch flipped and I felt like my old self again. I had the energy to enjoy and live my life. I'm in my 40's and decided to embrace the treatments at O2. I do Hyperbaric, Red Light Therapy, Cryo, and Pulse EMF. Consistency with these modalities have recharged the cells of my body and I feel like I am in my 20's again. My skin glows and everyone comments on how healthy and happy I am. Feeling the energy to live life makes one happy. I see professional athletes at O2 and am encouraged to know that I am supporting my health and life force in the same manner they are. Mark and Marvin are happy to discuss the benefits of the different treatment options and extremely knowledgeable. I feel O2 Health Lab saved me because I can live my life to the fullest with the natural energy from the cells of my body performing more efficiently. Your cells are little engines that intake energy and excrete waste. The treatment at O2 Health Labs kicks them into gear again. I recommend O2 to everyone I know! If you want to have the natural energy to get back into the gym and live life to the fullest I strongly recommend O2 Health Lab.Victoria CordovaVictoria Cordova ★★★★★ I’m so grateful & appreciative to everyone at the O2 health lab especially their kindness for helping me with my burn wound. Their amazing owners Mark & John & Jack are so knowledgeable & helpful & their amazing staff Marvin, Bergen, David,Cassandra, Gabby, Mared, Mo, & everyone are so fabulous & positive I highly recommend the hyperbaric oxygen therapy for anyone.It has really helped my healing. I’m so grateful:) All their products are great & the Nano Vi, Biostack . I love the Miracle of the Sea lotion & products By Dr. Eric Lewis, & Total Wellness, Drj’s products everything will make you feel better at the O2 Health Lab:) It’s the best place for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy you will be so happy you came:)Kathy EscherKathy Escher ★★★★★ I had an excellent experience at O2 Health Labs! I found the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber to be extremely healing during my recovery from breast cancer. I went in for five treatments (starting only one day after my surgery) and I believe it cut my recovery time in half. My surgery was on a Friday and by the next Friday I was having dinner out with my husband. I had another five hyperbaric oxygen treatments at the end of my radiation and only three days after I completed, I was in New York able to walk 15,000 steps a day. I also found the staff to be so friendly and professional. Amy, one of the staff members in particular, would always greet me with a warm hello and smile each time I walked in. All the staff members make you feel as if you had been coming there for years. I truly believe my recovery process would have been much different without the treatments I received, I would highly recommend O2 Health Labs!kristin richeykristin richey ★★★★★ I just completed 10 sessions. I amVery impressed by the staff and their great energy. I always felt welcomed and comfortable. I still need to add notes session to help with a healing issue I’m dealing with but I love my hour in the hyperbaric tube, watching Netflix time goes fast and I’m always comfortable 👍Robin LittleRobin Little ★★★★★ My visit was a gift! I am a recent cancer survivorMy client & his wife Dan Callahan & Maureen gave me this to help me along with my recovery ❤️‍🩹 After visiting it was the BEST I have felt in many months! Slept well & pain free, tons of energy felt like the old me!!! THANK YOU DAN & MAUREEN to help me keep fighting my lung cancer🙏🏻Leslie HarperLeslie Harper ★★★★★ If you are looking for a way to be pro-active in your healing process, then I strongly recommend spending a few days at the O2 Health Lab. I'm not much of a person who can sit in front of the TV to pass time while I heal; I need to be doing something. I had three sessions with the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, and it expedited healing; my bruises disappeared in a few days. At my post-op appointment, the doctor was amazed at how fast I healed!Gysel BequerGysel Bequer ★★★★★ I’ve had such amazing experiences at O2 Health Lab doing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Thermo therapy, Cryotherapy, and Compression therapy. I recently tried Lightbed therapy on their LightStem LED bed and felt so energized after! The staff there is so sweet and warm with lots of good insight. Sometimes it’s hard to know what healing technology will support you in the way you need and they have helped me get to know my body and these therapies so much better. I would give a shout out to one of the staff members but all of them are amazing so you can’t go wrong!Grisel BequerGrisel Bequer ★★★★★ I’ve been coming to O2 for years now. I love the new facility at Fashion Island- very chic! Can’t speak more highly of the staff and how caring they are to my family and myself. Always going the extra mile. My results from the HBOT after surgery were amazing!Camille SandlinCamille Sandlin ★★★★★ Amazing wellness spot. Love doing the hyperbaric, always feel 1000 times better after. Helped me tremendously to expedite my healing after surgery. The staff are so helpful and beyond nice!Kyle CarbonneauKyle Carbonneau ★★★★★ Amazing experience, staff go out of their way to treat you like family. I just completed 40 hyperbaric oxygen treatments at O2 Health Lab for multiple concussion syndrome and mold toxicity. During the treatments, I immediately saw an improvement in my cognitive function. Now at the end, I can truly say I have my life back and am watching as my body continues to heal (the first 30 days after the 40-treatment cycle is where significant progress occurs). Thank you O2 Health!Josh MessierJosh Messier ★★★★★ I love this place! The staff is helpful and friendly. The services they offer are effective. Great location with plenty of parking on site. Highly recommended!Marley RaetherMarley Raether ★★★★★ Great people . Knowledgeable staff. Place is very clean . They offer many services for wellness and health . Shawna is super sweet and helpful.Marley RaetherMarley Raether ★★★★★ Everyone is so nice and very informative. I walked in not knowing much about all their services and they quickly filled in the blanks. Shawna is super sweet . This is a great place for wellness and recovery . Couldn’t say more . Thank you for always answering any questions I have, and always being kind. The facility is super clean and comfortable.Nicolas GrippandoNicolas Grippando ★★★★★ Walked in after wanted to try out to try cryo for the first time. I’ll break down the review into three steps. 1. Front desk, 2. cleanliness, & 3. finally price.1. Front Desk Staff: 5/5Extremely helpful and wanted to make sure that we paid the best rate since it was our first time. He gave us a tour of the entire place and pointed out exactly what each machine helped with. While we were doing the cryo treatment he helped take our mind of the -240 chill shocking our bodies with friendly banter.2. Cleanliness: 5/5When you do the cryo treatment you walk into a changing room that has clean socks, gloves, and robes. After we changed back into our regular clothes they took the everything we had on and replaced it with clean garments.3. Price: 5/5I looked at a couple of other places before deciding to try O2 and they definitely have the cheapest price. They have great new customer specials so you can try the cryo. They’re also on class pass and have some great deals!Cassondra toddCassondra todd ★★★★★ This place has changed my life! From the fantastic team they have taking care of you, to the exceptional service offerings,, you will feel transformed by the experience. I have had severe sleep problems, thyroid issues, adrenal fatigue and overall lack of energy, I run at a fast pace in general. Having consistent sessions of Hyoerbaric, Cryo, with the other treatments offered in their comprehensive program, I feel amazing! I have had to travel for work and trust me there is a noticeable difference in my health, energy and sleep when I’m gone from O2 Health Lab for too long. I’m completely hooked for life! I have to add that my skin also looks so much better and only keeps improving .... I am truly grateful everyday for all they do to take care of me, everyone needs O2 Health Lab in their life !!!Laura SwansonLaura Swanson ★★★★★ I was referred by my surgeon for Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment in Costa Mesa after reconstructive surgery. The treatments were a success! The staff and facility are amazing!! They all made me feel comfortable and explained the treatment thoroughly. Chris and Shawna were very helpful as I was a bit nervous the first time. They were very calming and all my treatments went smoothly. I work for another surgeon and we refer patients for Hyperbaric Treatment frequently. Without a doubt we will be referring our patients here!! Top notch facility and staff!!!Jason ChaconJason Chacon ★★★★★ I just finished a very invigorating combination of things at 02 health lab. First I woke my body up with their Cryo chamber. It was SOOO Cold but really got my blood flowing & I felt great after. Next I supercharged my blood cells with the hyperbolic oxygen treatment & the near infrared light therapy. Im leaving feeling amazing & recharged. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend!Dillon ConnollyDillon Connolly ★★★★★ I've heard about really miraculous things that have come from doing hyperbaric oxygen treatment, so I started treatment with these guys. The owners have very big hearts and a lot of experience, and they worked out an affordable treatment plan with me since I would be doing so many sessions. Their number one priority is helping you with your health and it shows. All of the employees are super sweet and helpful as well.walter sarnoiwalter sarnoi ★★★★★ Honestly one of the best places I've been to when it comes to rehab and recovering my body. Great place to take of your body and relax.Alec MackensenAlec Mackensen ★★★★★ O2 health labs has several regenerative services and a team of health care professionals who are knowledgeable and up to date on recent health findings. I would highly recommend to anyone with past or present injuries. The therapies offered here are all proven to speed up healing on a cellular level. They are world class and used by several pro sports teams. O2 truly has state of the art services at a more than reasonable price point.js_loader